I love how Jacob with Crate Escape Atlanta pays attention to detail. Jacob wanted to make sure that he knew my little guy: from his treats and his routine down to the way he likes to play ball. I never worried a minute while I was out of town because he had everything under control. It was such a comfort knowing that my little guy didn’t have to go stay somewhere else, but could stay in his own routine at home. I would HIGHLY recommend Jacob with Crate Escape Atlanta to ALL my friends with furry people. Don’t even worry about stressing or planning for a trip to the kennel, just let Jacob come over and take care of your little family at home. AND, he will update you as often as you’d like regarding your pets and their behavior. Not to mention Crate Escape Atlanta has “On Demand” services, GPS Tracking, Verified Check-Ins, and more. Call Jacob with Crate Escape Atlanta TODAY!