Puppy Stretch

Puppy Sitting That Works For You, Your Puppy, And Your Budget

During each visit, we focus on spending time playing with your puppy and providing undivided attention and care. Based on your individualized needs during this time, we can incorporate pee-pad, crate, or basic “commands” to reinforce training and can also feed them, change the pads, and follow any special requests to help your puppy’s routine.


Puppies who have had Crate Escape Atlanta’s Puppy Stretch before walking outside often find they are ready to walk with other dogs sooner than expected, as they have already been trained on the leash. When you and your dog are comfortable, we can discuss integrating your dog into a small group of friends on a dog walk.


To keep you in the know of all of your pet relative’s happenings while you are away, you will receive fun and witty updates which include pictures and a report card for each walk or visit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pet Care Professionals are lifelong dog owners and dog lovers. Many of them have extensive experience training dogs as well, making Crate Escape Atlanta the perfect first-time companion for your puppy while you're away.
We accept all major credit cards, including Google and Apple Pay. Payment is due day of service.

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