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For You, And Your Puppy

Puppy Stretch and Play is a great way to help your new puppy during the first few months. During each visit, we focus on spending time playing with your puppy and providing undivided attention and care. Based on your individualized needs during this time, we can incorporate pee-pad, crate, or basic “commands” to reinforce training and can also feed them, change the pads, and follow any special requests to help your puppy’s routine.


Puppies who have had Crate Escape Atlanta’s Puppy Stretch before walking outside often find they are ready to walk with other dogs sooner than expected, as they have already been trained on the leash. When you and your dog are comfortable, we can discuss integrating your dog into a small group of friends on a dog walk.


To keep you in the know of all of your pet relative’s happenings while you are away, you will receive fun and witty updates which include pictures and a report card for each walk or visit!

Benefits Of Daily Puppy Sitting

Dog socialization is the process of teaching your dog how to interact with other dogs and people, as well as new situations. In the process, your pup learns these things don’t have to be scary. 


Dogs who aren’t socialized with people during 7-16 weeks may be fearful of humans and take a much longer time accepting them. Depending on the dog and the lack of socialization, some dogs will never learn to be genuinely comfortable around people.


During their socialization period dogs also learn what’s proper behavior. For instance, puppies learn not to nip at other dogs or jump on strangers. These lessons eliminate challenging behaviors that could be problematic down the line.

Confident dogs know how to navigate the world without fear, making life a lot more enjoyable. They understand that other dogs aren’t out to get them. That strangers aren’t a threat. And that loud noises can’t hurt them.
For a leash reactive dog, for instance, the instinct to attack is his way of protecting himself should the other dog attack first. It also forces the other dog away, diminishing the anxiety the other dog’s too-close presence triggered.
Confident dogs make for confident, at-ease dog owners. There’s nothing relaxing about taking your dog for a walk if you’re constantly worried your pooch will go crazy if he sees another dog. And, not that visits to the vet are ever fun, but knowing you might need to muzzle your dog to stop him from biting makes those visits that much more nerve-wracking.
Having an unsocialized dog severely limits where you can go with your pup and what you can do. Dog parks are out, as is leaving your dog at doggy day care for a weekend getaway. Visits from your friends may be troublesome. Even walking your dog may require planning to ensure limited encounters with other people and dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers you were looking for...

A Puppy Stretch session includes feeding, play, rest, outdoor potty breaks, and reinforcement of any ongoing training. Activities are tailored to your puppy’s age, breed, and individual needs, providing mental and physical stimulation.

Our experienced sitters are skilled in working with shy or nervous puppies. Gentle engagement, patience, and consistent routines help build trust and confidence, ensuring a positive experience.

Absolutely! We welcome check-ins and provide regular updates, including photos and videos, to keep you connected with your puppy’s activities and well-being.

We recommend booking at least a week in advance, especially during busy periods. However, we understand that unexpected needs arise and will do our best to accommodate last-minute requests.

Yes, overnight puppy sitting is available for those who require round-the-clock care. The service includes nighttime routines, monitoring, and ensuring a safe environment for your puppy.

We adhere to your specific feeding instructions, whether it’s a special diet or a particular feeding schedule. Our sitters are trained to recognize any food-related sensitivities and respond accordingly.

Socialization is a key part of puppy development. We provide appropriate socialization opportunities, including interaction with other pets if suitable, and exposure to various stimuli in a controlled environment.

Yes, we can reinforce house training during puppy sitting. Our sitters follow your instructions and use positive reinforcement techniques to support your puppy’s training progress.

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