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Meet The Team
we strive to provide a personalized service by getting to know the needs of our clients and their pets

As a small team of experienced dog owners and lovers, we strive to provide a personalized service by getting to know the needs of our clients and their pets. The personal care and attention given to each and every pet in our service allows our clients’ peace of mind knowing that their adorable family member is in the hands of a competent and caring team of animal lovers.​​
Founder, Jacob Hollier pictured with his two pets. Ace (Pug) & Rocco (Boxer) RIP!
Crate Escape Atlanta Dog Walker, Pet Sitter.
Crate Escape Atlanta Dog Walker, Pet Sitter.
Andrea Z.
Kyle K.
Jacob Hollier
is the founder of Crate Escape Atlanta – Dog Walking Company. A true passion-oriented professional who applies his work ethics and dedication to his love for animals. Having always shared his place with a fellow dog, Jacob knows exactly what it feels like to leave your loving pet at the hands of strangers, even for a little while. Being a rigorous client himself, he understands a service such as the one Crate Escape Atlanta offers must be trustworthy. It must create a home away from home. It’s because of these values, his work ethic, and, of course, love for the furry fellas, that he proudly built this loving environment for the Crate Escape Atlanta family. He is proud of the success of the company and dedicated to giving the highest standard of care for all Crate Escape Atlanta furry friends. Everyone who knows him, recognizes his warm and caring heart.
has lived in Atlanta most of her life. One of my biggest loves are animals. I started walking with Crate Escape Atlanta because the opportunity to spend my days outside with dogs was too awesome to pass up! I want to help Crate Escape Atlanta provide the best service and care for all of our best fur friends. I am patient and observant, and always look out for the best interest for all of my dogs; their happiness is most important. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my 8 year old pitbull terrior Tess whom I rescued last year. I look forward to meeting your pup and promise to provide the same love and care I would my own!
is a friendly, active, animal-loving person that cannot wait to meet your furry family member(s) and help care for them however it's needed. I've lived in ATL for about 4 years now and have fallen in love with the city, especially all the southern food and the incomparable Atlanta United soccer team. After working in the fitness industry for the past 6 years in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and now Atlanta, I am looking forward to following another passion of mine, animals. I've helped raise and care for a handful of dogs and cats in my life and am looking forward to continuing that at Crate Escape Atlanta.