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We provide your dog with a home away from home. Overnight Dog Boarding is a 24-hour slumber pawty at the care of Crate Escape Atlanta’s own founder, Jacob Hollier; your furry family member will be well cared for and get all the attention they need. This service provides peace of mind for dog owners who must take some time away.


Overnight Dog Boarding includes morning and evening walks and potty breaks as needed. During this time they will try to stay as close to your dog’s regular routine as possible, including walks, feeding, treats, snuggle time, and bedtime.


Our Dog Boarding is reserved for Pet Parents who have a monthly subscription with Crate Escape Atlanta. Availability is limited, so we recommend booking as soon as you have made arrangements to be away from home.

Benefits Of In-Home Dog Boarding

In-home dog boarding services offer dog’s individual attention, regular walks, trips to the park, and the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in the household. 


They can also keep up with your pet’s regular routine — including eating schedules, bathroom breaks, grooming necessities, and daily exercise requirements — so your pooch has less anxiety while you’re away. 


If your pup isn’t the easiest to handle, you can even opt for in-home pet boarding with a professional trainer!

Even if the kennel workers are kind and friendly, spending several days in a strange environment is incredibly stressful for anxious dogs. These pets are often much happier if they can stay in their own homes.
A private pet sitter can often spend more one-on-one time with your dog or cat than the staff at a busy boarding kennel. Many pets are lonely and bored while their human families are away. Why not take advantage of a sitter who can spend an hour or two cuddling with your kitty on the couch, or playing fetch with your dog in the backyard?
Many pet sitters have flexible schedules, and can work around any specific needs or requests you might have for your pet’s care. You can often choose how many times a day you want the sitter to stop by, and how long you want the visits to last. Some sitters will even stay overnight so your dog or cat has someone to cuddle up with in bed!
Often, a pet sitter can also take care of other minor tasks around the house such as watering plants, bringing in the mail and feeding the goldfish. This can be a great way to get more bang for your buck, rather than paying to board your pets and hiring a separate person to house-sit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers you were looking for...

To qualify for in-home boarding, your dog must meet standard vaccination requirements, and certain prerequisites may apply depending on specific circumstances.

If the caregiver has other pets, compatibility is carefully assessed during the matching process. We ensure that all pets in the home get along well and that your dog’s stay is harmonious and stress-free.

Yes, you can receive regular updates and check on your dog’s well-being through our communication channels, including text, email, or our app, during their stay.


Stay connected and worry-free with the Time To Pet app. 

• Download on the App Store.

• Get it on Google Play.

Booking in-home dog boarding with us is straightforward. Contact us by phone, email, or through our client portal, and our friendly team will assist you in selecting the right caregiver and arranging the dates for your dog’s stay.

Our cancellation policy is designed to provide flexibility while considering the caregiver’s availability. Detailed information on cancellations and potential fees will be provided during the booking process.

Dogs boarded with us are taken out for walks and exercise multiple times a day to ensure they stay active and healthy during their stay. It’s a 24-hour slumber pawty!

We understand that travel plans can change, and we will do our best to accommodate extensions. Prompt communication about any changes helps us make the necessary arrangements, and additional charges may apply based on the extended duration.

At Crate Escape Atlanta, we evaluate dogs based on temperament and behavior rather than breed. Our focus is to understand your dog’s unique personality and needs to ensure a successful in-home boarding experience.

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