Dog Walking

Daily Dog Walking For
the Busy Professional

You can’t always predict a crazy day at work, but you can anticipate your dog’s needs. Instead of rushing home at lunch, schedule a dog walker to give your dog a 30-minute dog walk. Your dog walker can stop by as many times as you need on whatever days you need them.


Our Pet Care Professionals offer either 15-minute, 30-minute, or one-hour walks that provide your dog with attention, exercise, and mental stimulation. Our dog walkers are trained to not only give your dog an exhilarating exercise but are also skilled in reinforcing behavior training.


To keep you in the know of all of your pet relative’s happenings while you are away, you will receive fun and witty updates which include pictures and a report card for each walk or visit!

Benefits Of Daily Dog Walking

Dogs need exercise to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. Big or small, puppy or senior, your dog needs daily physical activity. But how many times you should walk your dog each day depends on their particular needs. 


You may be wondering if your dog really needs more than one walk per day, or if a quick potty romp around the yard will suffice. Of course, it depends on your dog. But in general, dogs like longer walks because it gives them a chance to explore the world.


Longer walks also keep your dog mentally healthy. Without enough exercise to stimulate their mind, some dogs become anxious or destructive.

Socialization from a young age is vital for dogs. Dogs that are well socialized by 16 weeks old tend to be less anxious and less likely to display fear-based aggression. Walk your dog daily to give them the chance to fine-tune their social skills.
Prevent boredom and destructive tendencies by taking your dog on an exciting daily adventure. Getting out for a long loop around the neighborhood allows them to explore and let out pent-up energy, which will help relieve stress.
Daily dog walking is excellent physical exercise, but roaming large fields and running over hills also provides “pawsitive” mental benefits. Your best buddy thrives on attention and affection from you, but giving the brain a good workout is essential to keep your pup happy and healthy.
Daily walks help with obesity and keep a dog's joints in top condition. Regular exercise can help prevent your dog from developing common joint conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Walking promotes a healthy heart and can even help prevent serious health problems like cardiovascular disease.

Daily Dog
Walking Rates

Dog Walking

$ 27
per visit

Dog Walking

$ 35
per visit

dog walking

$ 50
per visit

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