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In-Home Pet Sitting: Your dog will be walked upon arrival and again before departing. Crate Escape Atlanta Pet Sitters will provide you with daily updates throughout the day and night.


Book a Crate Escape Atlanta pet sitter who will care for your pets in your home when you’re out of town. Whether it’s just for the weekend, date night, or several weeks, local dog sitters and pet caregivers at Crate Escape Atlanta, are available to help.


To keep you in the know of all your pet relative’s happenings while you are away, you will receive fun and witty updates which include pictures and a report card for each walk or visit!

Benefits Of Daily Pet Sitting

Those of us fortunate enough to live with a dog or cat know they depend on us for what they need to be happy and healthy. Food, shelter, and health care are just a few of our responsibilities.

Generally, pet parents plan ahead for when they can’t be there to care for their pets. They know they have several options when they need to be away for long days at work, overnight trips, or vacations. For your dog, one of the best solutions is hiring a pet sitter.

Hiring a pet sitter has many advantages over boarding in a kennel or dropping your pup at a doggy daycare for the day. Some dogs and cats may not fare well if they have to leave the house to be cared for. In these cases, a pet sitter who comes to your home can benefit not only your pets but you, too.

It can be stressful to a dog or cat to have to wait for their meals or eat them in an unfamiliar location. They feel most comfortable if they can go to bed in the spot they usually sleep. Because of their acute sense of smell, they can even be reassured by your scent in the home while you are away.
The stress of being alone can make an animal frantic, and they may take out their fear on objects in the home or another pet. If a dog is left in a crate, separation anxiety can cause them to damage it, or hurt themselves in the process of trying to get out.
Bringing a pet sitter into your fur-baby’s life can be a lesson in learning to trust, how to approach a stranger, and how to give and accept affection from other people. Socializing a cat or dog with a human is more likely to happen smoothly when an animal is relaxed and secure in their own surroundings.
This focused, one-on-one interaction can put the animal at ease and allows them to enjoy personalized and undivided attention. Competing for human attention with a group of dogs or cats at a kennel can be stressful for your furry pal, as well as limit how much interaction with a human they get, whether for playtimes, potty times, or just affection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers you were looking for...

The overnight stay includes feeding, walks (if applicable), playtime, administering medications (if needed), and providing companionship. The sitter will also perform basic home care tasks like collecting mail or watering plants if requested.

You should provide all necessary pet care items, including food, medication, leashes, and favorite toys. Clear instructions for care routines, emergency contacts, and any special requests should be communicated with the sitter before the stay begins.

Certainly! We encourage a meet-and-greet with the pet sitter to discuss your pet’s needs, your expectations, and allow your pet to become familiar with the sitter. This ensures a comfortable experience for everyone involved.

Our overnight pet sitters are thoroughly screened, including background checks and interviews. They undergo extensive training in animal behavior, safety protocols, and specific care needs for various types of pets, ensuring your pet receives professional and loving attention.

Our sitters are trained to handle emergencies and will promptly contact the designated veterinarian or our partnered veterinary service. You will be notified immediately, and appropriate actions will be taken to ensure your pet’s safety and health.

Pricing for overnight pet sitting is based on the duration, number of pets, and any additional services required. A personalized quote will be provided after understanding your unique needs, with transparency and consideration for your preferences.

Communication is key to our service. Regular updates, including photos and messages, can be provided via your preferred communication method. We aim to keep you connected and reassured throughout the entire stay.

We understand that plans may change, and we offer a fair cancellation policy. Specific details vary depending on the booking, so please refer to our policies, terms, and conditions or contact our team for exact information.

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