Puppy Stretch

Getting a new puppy is a wonderful experience and Crate Escape Atlanta staff members are puppy care experts. Prior to the conclusion of the vaccination process, we will care for your puppy with regular visits to your home.

When your veterinarian approves your puppy to be walked outside, we will take your pup for safe, fun-filled walks and can help reinforce any training issues you and your pup are working on. Our philosophy is a tired pup is a happy and well-behaved pup! At about 6 to 7 months of age most puppies are ready to join one of our our private are small group walks.

At the end of each walk, at no additional cost we:

  • Refill Water Bowls
  • Feed / Give Treats
  • Clean Paws / Dry After Rainy Walk
With this service, we ensure your puppy with a custom-tailored visit for all its special needs. We also care for the ones with social issues such as aggression, fear or anxiety, by ensuring a safe though fun walk. Monthly packages available, contact us for more information.
A Meet & Greet is required for all first time clients, and is designed for you and your pets to get to know us (and vice versa). In home meet & greets are a great way to show us where you keep your pets leash, food / water bowls, boots, treats and everything we need to know about taking care of your pet! Meet and Greets shouldn't take more than 20 minutes and are great way to get to know your Walker or Sitter.
A home away from home. At the care of Crate Escape Atlanta own founder, Jacob Hollier. This service provides that peace of mind for the owners who must take some time away. No worries, we got your back!

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