Group Dog Walks

Dogs need exercise and instinctively love to socialize with each other. Our fun-filled, closely supervised, semi-private group walks combine lots of exercise with a terrific opportunity to socialize. Your dog is walked with up to two other companions.

In this service, your dog will be walked along with other dogs with compatible living areas, temper, and fitness levels. This option engages dogs into a more social experience by having contact with other furry Atlantans. Your dog is never rushed and with trained eyes, we always know what he or she is sniffing and up to. Of course, we never leave our dogs unattended for any reason. We ensure that dogs are paired together strategically to enforce positive behavior and experiences all around.

At the end of each walk, at no additional cost we:

  • Refill Water Bowls
  • Feed / Give Treats
  • Clean Paws / Dry After Rainy Walk
With this option, a sitter will spend time with your pet and even sleep over if requested. Why leave your pet alone if we may slumber?
A Meet & Greet is required for all first-time clients and is designed for you and your pets to get to know us (and vice versa). In-home meet & greets are a great way to show us where you keep your pets leash, food/water bowls, treats, and everything we need to know about taking care of your pet! Meet and Greets shouldn't take more than 20 minutes and are a great way to get to know your Walker or Sitter.
For in-home cat care visits, a member of our award-winning staff will come to your home, greet and feed your cat(s), play with them if they are playful, scoop their litter box, and change their water. We can also administer medication if needed and give lots of love and attention. We have Atlanta cat sitting covered.

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